Tithing families continue to tithe and pay only the fees.


Tuition Cost for K-8th (NON-TITHING FAMILIES)

One Student

$5,350 per year or $535 per month (Aug-May)

Two Students

$8,000 per year or $800 per month (Aug-May)

Three or More Students

$10,700 per year or $1,070 per month (Aug -May)






 Extended Care Tuition Cost - 9 month contract

AM & PM Until 6pm

$255 a month

PM Only to 6pm

$225 a month

Hourly Rate

$10.00 an hour

Registration Fees (Non-Refundable)

One Student


Two Students


Three or more Students


Extended Care Registration for one


Extended Care Registration Fee Per Family


Class Assignment Day Fee (Curriculum, Technology and Activity) for One Student


Class Assignment Day Fee for Two Students


Class Assignment Day Fee for Three or more Students