f4hn9abwn2mpkga5312qcsn80gl.pngOur early childhood program has been serving the parish and surrounding community for over 30 years.  We are pleased to provide parents time to work, run errands, or just enjoy the day knowing their child is well taken care of, learning, and having fun!  We offer:

  • Safe and Secure Building
  • Fully Accredited Early Childhood Program
  • Warm, Engaging, and Supportive Catholic Environment
  • Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum
  • Small Class Size preparing children for transition to preschool

Children must be at least two years - five years of age and have begun toilet training.  Special rates for first responders, military personnel, registered parishioners of St. Charles Borromeo, Holy Family, Good Shepherd in Smithville, and currently enrolled academy families.



For additional information and to schedule a tour, please contact the School Office at 816-436-1009.


Do the children need to be toilet trained?

Parents should have started the training process at home and be close to completion. Staff will check children for signs that pull-ups are wet or contain feces at least every two hours when children are awake and upon wakening. Pull-ups are changed when wet or soiled. Staff change children in the designated changing areas and not elsewhere in the facility.

What is the curriculum?

The PDO program implements a curriculum that is consistent with its goals for children and promotes learning and development in each of the following areas: social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive. Our curriculum is guided by the Missouri State Standards for Early Childhood and the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph through developmentally appropriate practices. The PDO classrooms are set up with Learning Centers.  You will hear many times your child saying “Center Time.”  This is where your child independently makes the decisions of where to play and explore.  There are a variety of activities offered in each and every center in the classroom.  We strive to provide the children with at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted center time and 30 minutes per half-day outdoor time. Throughout the day, children will have ample opportunities to play, listen to stories, sing, and learn how to be a part of a group.

What if any religious curriculum is taught? (i.e. prayers, attending church, religious stories, religious based activities).

Religion is woven into all activities throughout the day. Children open their day with a prayer, pray before snacks and meals, and end their day with a prayer. Staff will read bible stories and plan activities around church holy days. Children will visit the church regularly and get to know our pastor.

What is the child to teacher ratio?

The ratio for PDO is 1:8. We have an assistant teacher that will help with lunch, personal hygiene and rest time.

Do the children have outside play time for the half day sessions? If so, where and is it secure? (Fenced in area or open)

All children will have the opportunity for 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon for gross motor play either outdoors on the school playground or in the school gym. The playground is a secure area and is appropriate for young children.

What is the maximum class size?

The maximum class size is 9 children, if all children are at least 3 years old. If younger children are present, the maximum class size is 8.

What is the age range of the children that can attend the Parents Day out Program?

Children ages 2-5 may attend as long as they are in the final stage of toilet training.

Do you require all children that attend and attend the school to be vaccinated?

All children must be current for routine screening tests and immunizations according to the schedule recommended, by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control of the United States Public Health Service (CDC-USPHS), or the Academy of Family Practice.

Do you have a Nurse on staff? Also, that is trained regarding children with Asthma, CPR and First Aid?
The school has a fully staffed health room. All staff are CPR and First Aid trained. If children require medication, parents are required to fill out the appropriate paper work.

What is the drop off and pick up process?

All children must be escorted into the building and signed in at the classroom at drop off and picked up at the classroom at the end of their class period.

What is the cost?

Costs are located on our website. Fees are due per day and parents have the option to sign up and be billed monthly. If there is space available, payment is due that day. There is a one-time registration fee and we have special rates for first responders and registered parishioners of St. Charles and Holy Family.

Is it paid per session, monthly regardless of how many times you attend?

Parents only pay for the sessions they signed up for.

Is there flexibility if I choose to do half days but on occasion may need to do the full day?

Please check with the teacher ahead of time to see about availability. Parents have the option to leave their child for a half or full day.

How will the teacher communicate with me?

Teachers will send home monthly newsletters and will occasionally email. Drop off is the perfect time to share details about your child’s morning. Please know that if other children are present, the teacher’s first priority is supervising the children.

What is the inclement weather or school closing procedure?

When St. Charles Catholic School is closed for inclement weather, the PDO program will also be closed. Please watch KMBC for our school information. The school website will also be updated. You may call the school after 8:00 am to see if we are open.   Once school is in session, we will not close early. Parents are always welcome to pick up their child if they deem necessary.