Standardized Testing


IOWA Assessment
Each year students in grades three through eight take the Iowa Assessments (formerly called the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, or ITBS.) The test compares the scores of an individual student at St. Charles Borromeo Academy to the scores achieved by students in a national pool made up of children of a similar age or grade (norm group) who also took the same test.  The norm group consists of thousands of public and private school students nation-wide.

The Iowa Assessment test compares your child’s knowledge on a given day to the thousands of children in the national norm group and in the local group.  The test is used to assess year-to-year progress toward our academic goals, and can help supplement teachers in their observations about student capabilities, skills, and needs.  Data retrieved from the scores will assist faculty with making improvements to the curriculum.


Each Fall students in grades five through eight are given The ACRE Test (assessment of Catechesis Religious Education)

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is administered to eighth grade students in January at parochial high schools throughout the area and assists in high school program placement.