"I would like to extend a big 'Thank You' for making this curriculum work and achieving an atmosphere of respect and contentment for our son.   He is flourishing inside and out, for which we are forever grateful."
~Maggie, parent


"After 12 years of Catholic education when it came time to look for a teaching position I naturally looked to Catholic schools.  My search landed me at St. Charles Borromeo.  That was 27 years ago and I've never looked back.  I love being able to infuse my faith in everything that I teach.  Helping to prepare families and children to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist is always the highlight of my year.  There is nothing like witnessing the joy on a child's face when they first begin to participate fully in Mass.

When it was time for my children to start school, St. Charles was the only choice.  All five of my children attended St. Charles Borromeo (Lauren 2002, Alex 2004, Becca 2009, Paul 2012 and Audrey 2016).  They received an education that prepared them to perform well in their classes in High School and College.  The friendships they created here have stayed with them into adulthood.   Alex has chosen to follow in my footsteps, not only by becoming a teacher, but by choosing to come back and teach at St. Charles. More proof that St. Charles Borromeo Academy is a great place to be!"
~Susie Henton, Teacher, Borromeo Academy


"I am a graduate of St. Charles Borromeo (1975).  My husband, Reynold, is also a graduate of St. Charles Borromeo (1973).  Although St. Charles has enjoyed a reputation for academic excellence for decades, our decision to send our children to Saint Charles was primarily based upon the gift of faith. 

When I was an eighth grader at St. Charles, I distinctly remember being assigned to read the first chapter from the Gospel of Matthew.  The chapter is the genealogy of Jesus Christ and was, to an eighth grade student, about as interesting as reading a telephone book.  I remember wanting to ask the instructor, Mr. Ron Elliott, (now Father Ron Elliott) the purpose of the assignment.  Challenging an instructor though, in those days, was unheard of and might have led straight to the principal's office.   In the years that followed, I sometimes thought of that assignment and wondered why Matthew would begin his Gospel in such a fashion.

Twenty years later, my father suddenly passed away.   As I grieved, I grew to understand the values and the gift of faith my parents had given me and my six siblings.   I finally understood the importance of knowing one's genealogy and gift of faith that had been nurtured through the generations.  I wanted the same faith experiences for my children that I had been given.  Like our parents, we chose the St. Charles faith community as the village that would help us raise our children (Emma-2010, Anne-2012, Abby-2012, Sam-7th Grade) academically and spiritually."
~Cynthia Tomes